Neonatal and Pediatric Specialty Transport

Transport of neonates and children requires special needs, equipment and skills. Specialty transport teams exist to transport specific patient populations, specifically neonatal and pediatric patients. These patients can present with diseases and conditions that are best done with a team specialized in that care.

Caring for neonates creates challenges not seen in traditional and higher volume transport environments such as traditional EMS, 911 and other adult patient driven situations. Alternate crew configurations, (RNs, RRT, NNP, MDs), special equipment and devices, clinical processes, procedures and skills, all contribute to a different transport experience.

Equipment needed for these transports is important, as neonates must be transported in a thermoneutral environment. This means the use of an isolette, incubator style devices that provides servo feedback to regulate the heat. Babies often need mechanical ventilation and specialty treatment and interventions (surfactant, intubation, high frequency ventilation and nitric oxide administration etc).

PediFlite is the Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport Team of Le Bonheur Childrens Medical Center.

PediFlite Mobile is a resource website for the PediFlite team and anyone interested in neonatal and pediatric transport. This site is an effort to provide those doing transports with a means to quickly reference common content quickly, in a site that formats for mobile devices while maintaining compatibility with conventional web browsers.