About Me …

I am a respiratory therapist with 30 years in the field, namely pediatric, neonatal and transport medicine. I hold a Masters in instructional design and technology enthusiast.

My career in healthcare began in 1982. I was a combat field medic with the MS Army National Guard. I later attended respiratory therapy school and later healthcare administration. I have been the Chief Transport Therapist for Pedi-Flite of Le Bonheur since 2001. Each of these periods are summarized as follows:

Military career 1980 – 1986:
Having joined the MS Army National Guard while in high school, I became a combat field medic. This training was done at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. I later received the Army’s Respiratory Specialist equivalent after finishing RT school. I stayed in the National Guard for six years, serving with a surgical support hospital and a tank battalion.

Professional Career and Education:
My career in Respiratory Care began in 1982, as a student at Northeast MS Community College in Booneville, MS. I graduated in 1983 with a degree in Respiratory Therapy. I later pursued registry (RRT 1988) and the Neonatal-Pediatric Specialty (NPS 1991). I have worked as a respiratory therapist in various capacities.

I received a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Healthcare Administration from the University on Memphis, in 1994. I have a diverse career in healthcare working in the transport and critical/intensive care of neonatal and pediatric patients. I have managed others working in healthcare as well and have done a great deal of project management.

In 2001, I completed an Associate Degree in Graphic Arts, with a concentration in multimedia production. During this time, I learned the basics of web design, photo and video editing and some of the tools used for the production of multimedia content for distribution to the web, CD, DVD, and other presentation formats.

In 2005, I finished a Masters Degree at the University of Memphis in Instructional Design. I try to blend 25 plus years of healthcare experience with multimedia instructional design for healthcare.

Transport Medicine:
Having been on the transport team at Le Bonheur since 1988, I assumed the position of Chief Transport Therapist in 2001. In this position having both a clinical and management role. I am a STABLE instructor as well as NRP.

Mobile Technology:

I really like that stuff.



Twitter: @mitchellmask